Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posh Pillows

What is a Posh Pillow you ask? Cassie from http://yougogirl.typepad.com/ knows all about it. The basic idea is a pillow case with an inner flap that covers up the ugly pillow end. To make it an even sweeter idea, add a crocheted scalloped edging to the open end. When I found the pattern on that blog I knew I had to try it, so I hopped in the car, went to Starbucks for coffee (slightly unrelated, but smart since you've gotta keep up the energy on a random craft hunt), and went to Joann Fabrics. Found it! I'm in love with the bird fabric, seriously. This craft was pretty easy and very fun but I discovered my true love is crochet, not sewing. Still, I'd do it again (and probably will).


  1. These are lovely. I may be your next patron :)

    Seriously.. perhaps during summer vacation? We'll have to put together some sort of sewing/crochet evening.

  2. aww thanks! Yes we will, that would be fun =)

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