Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cinnabar by Doris Chan

Once again I've changed directions. I started this Cinnabar a few days ago and I've gotten pretty far. I'm done with the body and working on the edging. Once I'm done with that I'll add the sleeves. Here's a picture of hers and then mine.

So far I'm loving the fit. Fingers crossed that the sleeves fit too!

Runaround? No thanks.

I finished the runaround and was less than pleased. I made it at least a size too big, maybe more. You may or may not be able to see it in these pictures, but it fits me like a loose T-shirt. I want to try again with a thinner yarn and a smaller size. Here it is! Perhaps I'll sell it on etsy once I sew in the ends =)

Ignore the end-of-the-day hair and I-don't-like-it face.

If I clipped it in the back like they do on mannequins it would help.

Oh well. If you're interested in buying this piece I'll put in on Etsy for you. Just let me know =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Distracted Again!

I've been crocheting my Runaround and I've got it past the armholes but I think I'm gonna set it aside for a few days. I was wandering around my local craft store when the current issue of Crochet Today caught my eye. Now I can't focus! I want to make the Nordic Pullover so badly! I mean seriously, is this cute or what? So I caved, bought the yarn, and once I finish up my last Christmas present (a statement belt) I'm gonna tackle this sweater.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Projects from Everyday Crochet

Right now I'm working on Runaround in Charcoal Lion Brand Cotton Ease.

My yarn is worsted weight which makes me a little nervous since I just discovered the sample piece was made in a lighter weight yarn. Here's what I've got so far.

Next I'll be working on Tall Latte. I bought some pricier Pima Cotton for that project. Can't wait to start!

Pineapple Doily

This is a Christmas present for my mom. I crocheted this doily with a bamboo thread. It's sturdy but soft.

Stash Buster

When I first started crocheting I didn't know much about yarn so I bought a ton of worsted weight acrylic yarn only to discover it's not very useful for the projects I wanted to make. So I bought a massive hook and took four strands of yarn and went to town with HDC. This blanket helped get rid of my yarn stash so that I don't feel guilty buying yarn for specific problems. It's warm, colorful, and was an easy project. Here are some pictures. To give you a size idea, it covers a full bed.

Mei-Mei by Doris Chan

Two days ago I completed my second Mei-Mei from Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan. Here are some pictures of the projects being blocked and the final products. I made size 35 for a friend and 40 for myself. At first it was difficult to figure out how to follow the pattern, but once it clicked this project moved along quickly and was fun to do! I made the purple one in one eight-hour sitting. I don't suggest it though lol. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Hey there,
My name is Stephanie. I frequent www.craftster.org and I noticed that many members have craft blogs. I thought, "hey, why not me?" so here I am! I've dabbled in quite a few crafts. I started with paper dolls when I was 6, moved on to knitting a scarf at 10, making candles and Italian photo charms at 13, sewing purses and crocheting small items at 14, and now I'm 19 and pretty much dedicated to crochet. It clicked for me in a way that knitting never did and there are so many new projects out there to make. I'm open to crochet-alongs and more than willing to answer crochet questions, so feel free to comment and follow my crochet blog.