Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Distracted Again!

I've been crocheting my Runaround and I've got it past the armholes but I think I'm gonna set it aside for a few days. I was wandering around my local craft store when the current issue of Crochet Today caught my eye. Now I can't focus! I want to make the Nordic Pullover so badly! I mean seriously, is this cute or what? So I caved, bought the yarn, and once I finish up my last Christmas present (a statement belt) I'm gonna tackle this sweater.


  1. This sweater is so cute - looks like something you'd buy at American Eagle. I'm not up-to date on my crochet magazines and am glad you pointed out this pattern. I just might have to get the latest version of Crochet Today!

    Also - good luck on your blog! I'm a 20yo college student, so I can relate. I'm tired of books and finals and studying and just wans to crochet, ha (maybe this sweater??). But Hey - that's what Christmas break is for, right? Lots of crocheting! Here's my site: www.jjcrochet.etsy.com if you'd like to take a peak.

    Thanks again for posting this!

  2. Hey, I know your Etsy lol. I've seen it before and I love your headbands. So cute. Thanks for commenting by the way, I've been wondering if anyone actually looks at it or cares. It's nice to hear from other crocheters =)