Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Runaround? No thanks.

I finished the runaround and was less than pleased. I made it at least a size too big, maybe more. You may or may not be able to see it in these pictures, but it fits me like a loose T-shirt. I want to try again with a thinner yarn and a smaller size. Here it is! Perhaps I'll sell it on etsy once I sew in the ends =)

Ignore the end-of-the-day hair and I-don't-like-it face.

If I clipped it in the back like they do on mannequins it would help.

Oh well. If you're interested in buying this piece I'll put in on Etsy for you. Just let me know =)


  1. "If I clipped it in the back like they do on mannequins it would help."

    LOL! I suspect that's exactly what they did in the Tall Latte photo shoot. I just finished it and the thing has no waist shaping at all.

  2. Oh no! I really want to make that one. Maybe I'll make it small so it'll be stretchy and fitted. It's so frustrating when things don't turn out right =(

  3. Well, on my third attempt, I tried to do it small also. It ended up being tight around the armpits so I undid that row, added a few more (one of them an increase) before joining, which fixed that problem but the whole thing came out too wide. I'll be interested to see what happens if you try it, but I don't know. The stitch is just too heavy to turn out stretchy or fitted. I've found that the sweaters with the lighter pattern (Galena, Eve's Rib) tend to hug the body a bit better.

  4. well I accidentally bought a number 3 weight yarn for the project...so yeah. We'll see =)