Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look what I finished - Cinnabar - The Final Chapter

Ta-da! The moment you've all (or at least I've) been waiting for! The Cinnabar sweater is done. The sleeves were done, re-done, and re-re-done until they got to this point. I made a newbie mistake with hook size (kept the one from the edging, a size smaller than the body, when I began the sleeves) and it took me that whole time to realize it. Silly me, I paid for it. Sorry I couldn't provide an action shot (although it is blowing in the wind which is action, right?) but it doesn't fit me, it fits my mom, and she was too busy to get in a picture. That's okay though. One day when she least expects it, I'll capture that action shot and put it here where it belongs!

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